Ocarina of Time

Practice ROM

What is The Practice ROM?

This application is a trainer / practice / testing utility for The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, formally known by its codename "gz", but generally referred to as “The Practice ROM”.


  • Nintendo 64
    • NTSC Version 1.0
    • NTSC Version 1.1
    • NTSC Version 1.2
  • Nintendo GameCube
    • Collectors Edition
    • Master Quest
  • Wii Virtual Console
    • NTSC Version 1.2


  • Coordinates Recollection
  • Loading Zone Warps
  • Inventory Editing
  • Equipment Management
  • Flag Management
  • Memory Watches
  • Macro Recording
  • Console Save States
  • Collision & Hitbox Viewing
  • Advanced Debug Options


The Ocarina of Time speedrunning community has their own discord channel. Here you can ask for advice with certain tricks or glitches as well as converse with others who have a strong interest in Ocarina of Time.

Dev' Discord

People who have contributed to The Practice ROM use a Discord server to discuss up coming features, bugs or issues and any suggestions or ideas. If you'd like to participate in the discussion, click the link below.

Installation Guide

The Practice ROM is available for Nintendo 64 and Wii Virtual Console.
Please choose from the options below for which console you would like to use The Practice ROM for.


  • Nintendo 64 NTSC System
  • Expansion Pack
  • Nintendo 64 Flash Cart
  • Ocarina of Time ROM
  • SD Card


  • Any Nintendo Wii Console
  • The Homebrew Channel
  • WAD Installer
  • Ocarina of Time WAD
  • SD Card