Here's some things you could do if you want to help the project.

Thank you for contributing!

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Bug reports

When submitting a bug report, you should include all the necessary steps for reproducing the bug. Describe in detail the expected behavior and the observed behavior. Do not submit bug reports about odd behavior caused by using the provided utilities to break the game.


If you want to submit feedback about possible improvements or feature requests, include a detailed description of your proposed changes, how they should be designed, how they will fit in with the current design, and possibly how they should be implemented. Do not submit suggestions that are too subjective to be considered improvements.


If you want to fix a bug or implement a feature yourself, feel free to make a development fork. Before you start working on a feature, you may first want to submit an issue where you describe the feature you want to add, to be sure that such a feature would be accepted. There's no canonical style guide for this project, but you should adhere to the style used in the rest of the code. Code that doesn't meet the current quality standard will be rejected. When your code is ready, send a pull request. Your code will be reviewed, and possibly merged with the master branch.