RNG Seeds

The game's Random Number Generator (RNG) is used to decide the outcomes of random events. The RNG is deterministic, which means that given the same initial conditions, it will produce the same results. For example, by starting from a savestate in the graveyard and playing a macro to have Dampé dig a grave, your reward should be the same every time, as long as the same savestate and macro is used.

The value of the RNG is predictable given a known starting state. However, the starting state of the RNG itself (the seed), is generally not predictable (read pretty damn random). The RNG is reseeded on every scene load, and from that point, the future state of the RNG is equally unpredictable.

In order for macros to stay synchronized across scenes, all RNG reseeds are recorded in the macro file. When an RNG reseed is detected during macro playback, the stored seed will be used instead of a random value if the following conditions hold;

  • The state of the RNG is the same as when the seed was recorded (i.e. the RNG is synced up until this point).
  • The reseed happens on the same macro frame that it was recorded.

If either of these would fail, a warning is displayed and the RNG is reseeded as normal with an unpredictable value.