The restore skulltulas option clears all the gold skulltula flags in the current file, thus restoring all destroyed gold skulltulas. The gold skulltulas in the current scene are not affected until the scene is reloaded. call navi sets Navi's advice timer to a value which will make her want to talk to you. This will not have any effect until you enter an area where Navi normally appears. load debug file loads the default file that used on the title screen and when starting the first file on the debug version file select menu. The current time of day can be manually adjusted, or automatically fast-forwarded to day or night with the corresponding buttons. epona freed, carpenters freed, intro cutscenes, and rewards obtained let's you set and clear various useful flags in the current file. Pressing the checkmark will set the pertinent flags such that they have been "completed", and the cross will clear them (setting them to the state that they were in when the file was created).

The timer 1 and timer 2 options display and modify the state of the two types of timers in the game. The first timer is used for hot rooms and races, and the second timer is used for trade items and the Castle Collapse sequence. The numbers represent the number of seconds left on the timers, and the options show the current state of the timers. Both of these can be modified manually. Note: When the first timer is set to a heat state, the game will instantly deactivate it if the current room is not "hot". Warning: Modifying the state of the timers can yield strange behavior. In general, it is safest to use the the starting and stopped states when doing this.

The file index option decides which file the game will be saved to when saving from the start menu or the Game Over screen. When the file index is set to FFh, as it is by default on the title screen, saving will have no effect. There's also a language and z targeting option, which apply to the current file.

Save files can be saved to and and loaded from an SD card with the save to disk and load from disk options. Pressing load from disk will bring up the file browser. Pressing the name of a save file will load it and return to the file menu. The load file to and after loading options decide where in memory the file will be loaded to (the current zelda file, the currently selected memfile slot, or both), and what should happen when the loading is completed (reload scene, void out, or nothing). The after loading option will have no effect when loading only to the current memfile. The file extension used for save files on disk is .ootsave, and the default filename is file. The filename can be changed by pressing the name field. Pressing clear will set the name field to be empty. When the name field is empty, the default filename is untitled. When saving, pressing the name of a save file in the file browser will copy that name to the name field. Pressing accept will save the file to the current folder in the file browser with the specified file name. If the file exists, you will be prompted to overwrite it.