Selecting explorer will bring up the scene explorer, which shows an overlay of the current scene. Use the D-Pad up and down to navigate forwards and backwards through the scene, and D-Pad left and right to rotate the view. While holding Z, the D-Pad up and down will navigate vertically through the scene, and D-Pad left and right will move sideways. Use the explore prev room and explore next room commands to cycle through the rooms of the scene (bound to R + D-Down and R + D-Up by default). Pressing L will teleport Link to the location and orientation of the crosshair and close the scene explorer.

set entrance point sets Link's current position and orientation as the point where he will respawn after voiding out. clear flags and set flags modifies the temporary and permanent flags for the current scene, which keep track of things such as which chests have been opened, which items have been collected, which enemies have been defeated, etc. The load room option loads the room with the specified index, if a room which such an index exists within the current scene. If that room is already the currently loaded room, it will be unloaded. teleport slot selects which position to save and load when using the teleportation commands (this can also be bound to a button combination, but is unbound by default). The bottom of the scene menu shows information about the current scene.