Note: If you're using gz on the Wii VC, you should read the VC issues section to find out about the differences in the VC version.

The main interface for accessing the provided tools is the utility menu. By default, this menu is brought up by pressing R + L, but this button combination can be changed (see Settings). Use the D-Pad to navigate the menu, and L to make a selection. For a description of each of the submenus, see their respective section below.

Beyond the tools provided by the utility menu there is also;

  • An input display. The two numbers represent the x and y coordinate of the control stick. The button icons that appear represent the buttons that are pressed on the controller. Enabled by default.
  • A lag counter. Displays lag by subtracting the number of game frames passed from the game's vertical interrupt counter. Displayed in units of frames (60Hz, default), or seconds. Disabled by default.
  • A timer. Measures real-time using the CPU counter. Disabled by default.
  • Various button-activated commands.

These features can be configured from the settings menu (see Settings).