Free Camera

The free camera function provides full control of the game's camera. When enabled, the camera can be controlled with the joystick, C buttons, and Z trigger. These controls are disabled in the game when controlling the free camera. Press lock to disable the manual camera controls and restore the normal game controls.

The free camera has two mode settings; when set to camera, the game's camera is physically moved, which affects the behavior of in-game objects that react to the camera's position. When set to view, only the graphical viewpoint is changed. The game's camera then behaves as usual and is disjoint from the user's view of the scene.

The behavior setting decides how the camera moves and how the controls work;

  • manual: The camera does not move by itself. Use the joystick to look around, and the C buttons to move. Hold Z to move with the joystick, look with C-left and right, and move vertically with C-up and down. The distance min and distance max settings do nothing.
  • birdseye follow: The camera automatically looks at Link, and moves forward and backward to stay within the specified distance. Controls are the same as for manual.
  • radial follow: The camera follows Link from a fixed viewing angle. It will move up, down, and sideways to keep Link in focus, and forward and backward to stay within the specified distance. Use the joystick, C-left, and C-right to rotate the viewing angle, and C-up and down to move towards and away from the focus point. Hold Z to swap the function of C-up and down with the vertical joystick axis.