This menu allows toggling the builtin cheats on and off. The following cheats are available:

  • energy: Gives full health.
  • magic: Gives full magic.
  • various items: Sets item amounts to the current capacity of that item, or to one if the capacity is zero or unlimited.
  • small keys: Sets the number of small keys to one within the current dungeon, if any.
  • rupees: Sets the rupee amount to the capacity of the current wallet.
  • nayru's love: Prevents nayru's love from expiring, if active. If nayru's love is not currently active, entering a scene while this cheat is enabled will activate it.
  • freeze time: Prevents the current time of day from advancing. Does not affect sun's song or the time of day modifiers in the file menu.
  • no music: Stops background music from playing.
  • items usable: Clears all item restriction flags, allowing all items to be used regardless of location.
  • no minimap: Keeps the minimap hidden at all times.
  • isg: Permanently activates the infinite sword glitch.
  • quick text: Activates fast scrolling for all textboxes.

To undo the effects of the no music, items usable, and no minimap cheats, turn the cheat off and enter a new scene, or reload the current scene.