The equipment and items menu lets you modify your equipment, C-button items, and passive equipment items. There is also an option to set whether or not the Giant's Knife has been broken, and whether or not the Biggoron's Sword has been obtained. Pressing a bottle, trade item, or equipment item will bring up an item wheel where you can select from the possible items for that slot. Use the D-Pad left and right to cycle through the items, and the D-Pad up and down to cycle three items at a time. Capacity equipment items (e.g. quiver, bomb bag etc.) that are not normally obtainable without using cheats or glitches are denoted with an asterisk.

The quest items menu lets you modify all items on the Quest Status screen, as well as your energy and magic. There are also options to modify the dungeon items and small key amount of a specified dungeon. energy cap., defense, magic cap., and heart pieces are specified in hexadecimal for simplicity (from here on denoted with an h). For energy capacity, 10h corresponds to one heart container. The defense checkbox enables or disables double defense damage reduction, and the field next to it modifies the number of defense heart containers. For magic capacity, 0h is the normal capacity, 1h is double magic, 2h is what would be triple magic etc. For heart pieces, 10h corresponds to one heart piece.

The amounts menu lets you modify the ammo of your C-button items, your magic and energy amount, number of hits left on Giant's Knife, and rupee amount. The number of Giant's Knife hits left is what decides whether or not the Giant's Knife / Biggoron's Sword appears to be broken when Link wields it. Magic, energy, and Giant's Knife hits are specified in hexadecimal. 30h magic is the max for normal magic capacity, and 60h is the max for double magic capacity. For energy, 10h corresponds to one heart container. Though the highest amount of rupees that can be specified is 99999, entering a value greater than or equal to 65536 will wrap the amount around to zero and on.