The places menu provides a list of all scenes and their respective entrances, grouped into eight categories. Selecting a scene with multiple entrances will show a list of all entrances for that scene. Selecting an entrance will instantly warp you to that entrance. Scenes with only one entrance will warp you to that entrance when selected, without showing an entrance list. If you want to warp to a specific entrance index, you can enter that index in the warps menu and select warp. The age and cutscene options specify which age Link will be at when performing a warp, and which cutscene should be played for that scene. These options apply to both the places menu and warping using an entrance index.

clear cs pointer will point the cutscene pointer to an empty cutscene, which is useful for preventing certain wrong warps from crashing. The bottom of the warps menu shows information about the game's current warp parameters.

Warning: Attempting to load a beta scene will cause a crash on all but the debug version of Ocarina of Time, which is currently unsupported.

Warning: Starting a game (with a warp or scene loading command) when no file data is loaded (i.e. from the N64 logo and, to a lesser extent, the file select menu) will cause undefined behavior.